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The Smart Way to Give... Kids, Grandkids, Church and Charities

Leverage the Power of this Special Life Insurance Plan for
Maximum Benefit, Tax Advantages, Flexibility & Liquidity 

At Alpha Financial & Tax, we help clients make sense of their personal financial situations. That includes helping them to maximize their dollars with minimum taxes and minimum hassle.

Here is one of our favorite ways to leave money for loved ones, charities and churches.  It's called
Lifetime Returns Select™, and it's offered by one of our top insurance companies, National Western Life.

Far more than just a "life insurance" plan, it also allows you to access your death benefit in case you (a) want to use that money for early gifting or for yourself, or (b) need emergency funds to pay for your own long term health care.

Here's how this excellent plan works:

  1. You decide on your one-time premium (minimum is $25,000)

  2. This will create a larger death benefit that can grow with time (we'll explain)

  3. You'll answer only 12 health questions and you'll receive a health interview phone call

  4. Upon approval, your policy goes into effect.  This is a permanent policy, and will not run out

  5. After three years, you can receive a full return of your premium if you change your mind

  6. Your policy will include a tax-advantaged cash account, from which you can withdraw for any reason

  7. If you need money from the plan to pay for long term care for yourself, you can access your death benefit! (we'll explain)

  8. Upon your death, your beneficiary will receive your death benefit, tax free

  9. Your plan will also bypass probate, saving your estate and your beneficiary time and probate costs

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