BW Students Doing Work

How do you plan on paying for College? 

You have one chance to get this right for your student.

Whether it's getting into the right college, choosing the right major, or (toughest of all) paying for it, we know what you're going through.

It's a tough process.  It can be confusing and intimidating, but worst of all, at some point you realize that you don't know what you don't know.

We can help.  Please see below for an overview of the college planning services we offer, and please contact us for a free, no obligation evaluation of your personal situation.  We can meet in person or online.


Please note:  This is not a pre-packaged, generic software program that you just  download and run.  This is a process in which we will do much of the work, but your participation and commitment are critical.  We will be working with you personally, face to face or together online, to prepare your student for a great college career. 

A personalized roadmap for both student and parents with a step by step plan throughout the entire college planning/funding process
Career focus testing to focus in on exactly what the student wants to study, and what colleges, majors and courses will be best for them
Guidance on how to visit, analyze and interview potential schools, and what to look for and avoid during the process
An SAT/ACT prep course to prepare them for the testing with strategies to maximize their scores in either test
Matching with schools that offer the best combination of aid, programs, courses and environment.  This includes essay and application review and the completion of financial aid forms.
Your college planning strategy will be a specific, personalized, written and living document to give you peace of mind as we work through
your college planning process
Creation and implementation of a long term financial plan to both help you pay for your part of college costs without damaging your plans for retirement
Creation and implementation of a specific personal plan to minimize your out-of-pocket EFC, Expected Family Contribution, to your student's overall college costs
Ongoing support throughout the process to help both you and your student stay on top of deadlines, quality of essays and applications, additional required documents, scheduling, and all required communication